Mount Kumgang

Mt. Kumgang is located in the southeast part of North Korea that is well-known for its picturesque beauty. Today, the mountain is not accessible from the North because it has been launched as a Special Tourism Zone, which is under an absolute arrangement with the Hyundai company of South Korea. The said agreement started in November of 1998 and since then, almost two million visitors from South Korea and from other countries have visited Mt. Kumgang.

Mt. Kumgang has three major parts – the outer Kumgang or Oekumgang, the seashore or Haekumgang and inner Kumgang or Naekumgang. These areas offer different hiking and walking trails, historic sites and scenic spots. There are also a wide range of restaurants and accommodations where travelers can stay while on vacation. Visitors can relax in hot springs, enjoy incredible acrobatic shows and a nightly show that presents the North Korean Folk Music. Golfers will not be disappointes with an 18-hole golf course that was opened in the year 2007. Beach enthusiasts are also in for a treat as well as for travelers who love to shop. Other amenities include a bank, a food court and a well-stocked Family Mart.

Mt. Kumgang is an untouched spiritual retreat and its surrounding area highlights a renowned Zen monastery, wonderful nature beauty and challenging tracks for travelers who love hiking. You can also witness the nearby Kuryong Falls with its 242 feet of water plunging into a chain of lagoons beneath. There is a spectator area where tourists can have a good view of the falls while the mountain courses take the trekkers to more than five thousand feet up for a remarkable panoramic landscape of the white sand beaches and the surrounding valleys.

There are a variety of tour packages available that usually consist of three days-two nights but you can also have your choice for shorter and longer packages. Most of the time, tourists leave everyday on regular scheduled bus trips from two assigned pick-up spots in downtown Seoul at around 8:30 in the morning.

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