Mount Rushmore

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Mount Rushmore
Photo by: jimbowen0306, Creative Commons

Mount Rushmore is a well-known visitor attraction not only in South Dakota but in the United States. There’s no mistake that it is more than a visitor destination for more than two million people every year, it is also a monument that stirs patriotism and love for liberty and freedom among American people. Mount Rushmore, with the faces of four great presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt) which are 60-ft tall and rise to 5,725 feet, is an effective way to communicate these ideals to the future generations.

The sculptures were made by Gutzon Borglum with the help of 400 workmen who used dynamites and jackhammers. It took 14 years to finish this amazing monument. On March 3, 1925, Mt Rushmore has been established as a US National Memorial. The whole area covers 1,278 acres.

There is a large available parking facility for visitors at the base of the mountain. From there, they go through the Avenue of Flags, which is a short stone walkway with beautiful buildings made of granite on both sides. These buildings house the visitor center, a museum and other facilities. The Avenue of Flags leads the visitors to the Grand View Terrace, which offers the best view of the monument.

Different programs are also being offered to the visitors by the memorial which includes exhibits, interpretive programs, and a film viewing at the Lincoln Borglum Museum. The rangers can also provide people interpretative talks and walks. Other programs being available also include walks to the Presidential Trail and Sculptor’s Studio, children’s activities in the afternoon and different talks.

There is also a lighting program at the park’s amphitheater every night at around 9 O’clock from May through September. Moreover, there is a wide range of other activities that visitors can do in the area. The Black Hills area that surrounds Mt Rushmore can provide opportunities for hiking and enjoying the beautiful and forested mountains.

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