Mt. Sorak

Mt. Sorak main
View of Mt. Sorak
Photo by: Juliana Ng, Creative Commons

Mt. Sorak is the tallest mountain in the Taebaek Mountain range. It approximately takes a 15–minute drive from Seokcho City to reach the main entrance of the National Park. After the short drive, be ready to stretch your legs as they will become your main means of getting inside the facility.

Places to See

1. Yukdam and Biryeong Waterfalls located on the left side of the valley, these are two of the many breath taking sights that can be reached by walking approximately 40 minutes from the car park.

2. If you are up to more challenge, the view to look for next is the rock formation called “Ulsanbawi.” To see this, you have to climb 888 manmade steps up the mountain. The trek may feel like hell to your feet, but it may all be worth it. This is because on the way there, you will be able to pass interesting by two small temples and one more rock formation that the locals call Heundeulbawi. The Heundeulbawi is a 16–foot spherical rock that is mounted on another boulder.

3. Had enough? If you have not, there are two more things that you need to see: the Biseondae (a rock platform in a stream) and the Valley of a Thousand Buddhas. To reach both, you would have to walk a difficult trail towards the end of the Sorak Valley.

Best Time to Visit
According to locals, the best time to visit the place is during the autumn season. The view of the falling leaves and the colors that it brings with it is just absolutely stunning. The lack of rain during this season also guarantees a safer hike on the way to destinations.

What to Wear and Bring

Since you will be doing a lot of hiking and in turn sweating, it will be best for you to wear jogging pants, a light shirt and a jacket to serve as your protection from the sun, cold and insects. In terms of things to bring, you can put a change of shirt in your backpack, some energy bars and enough water supplies for hydration.

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