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If you wish to go on a pilgrimage, visiting the city of saints in Pakistan will be a rewarding adventure for you. Multan, which is located in southern area of the Punjab Province, is located almost at the center of Pakistan.

Multan is a city that is ideal for agriculture and known for its many citrus and mango farms. The climate of Multan can be very hot during the summers. Dust storms are also common in the city.

Multan is a commercial and industrial center that is connected to the country via railways and airport. It is importantly considered in Pakistan as an agricultural, industrial, and tourist center.

Visiting Multan makes it necessary for you to view its prime attractions. The main attractions that you have to visit in this city are the Mausoleums of the Sufi Saints. Aside from these, Multan also has a generous number of mosques which are referred to in the past as jewels of the city.

You can also drop by the Multan Museum in order to see the city’s coin collection, medals, and postage stamps which came from the old State of Bahawalpur. The museum also contains old manuscripts, inscriptions, wood carvings, and other relics related to the Islamic and Pre-Islamic Periods.

One thing that is quite amazing about the people of Multan is their fascination for Cricket. In fact, their city government constructed a multi-purpose stadium in order to accommodate several national sports that include hockey, badminton, football, and of course, cricket. The stadium is the home of the Multan Cricket Association.

The place of mangoes and saints is definitely worth seeing. Go ahead and see Multan for yourself and get ready to be amazed by its beautiful attractions and tasty mangoes.

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  1. Shazi Gul says:

    Yes sure Multan is worth seeing but please avoid walking into this city in summer times…Its very hot these days 🙂

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