Mumbai City, India
Photo by: Andy Hay, Creative Commons

Indians love to refer to Mumbai as the ‘city that never sleeps’. Truly, Mumbai is a throbbing metropolis, teeming with people. It is said to have more millionaires per square mile than Manhattan, perhaps that is why, it is also called the ‘city of dreams’.

As a tourist destination, there are many things to see in this city. Most places of interest are in the south of Mumbai. Mumbai is a city known for its colonial architecture. Styles such as gothic, the neo-classical, and the Indo-Saracenic styles of architecture are visible in this area. One such grand example is the Gateway of India. A very popular site among both Mumbaikars as well as the tourists to this city, the Gateway of India was built in 1924. It was built to commemorate King George’s visit to India in 1911. The Gateway of India is a popular destination for shooting movies.

From the Gateway of India, you can take a Harbor Cruise. A half-an-hour long cruise, it shows you around the ocean. These cruises take place year round except during the monsoons. Along the coastline, if you visit the Worli side of the beach, you will be able to visit the famous Haji Ali Dargah. Built on an islet, this Dargah is considered a sacred place both by Hindus and Muslims of the city. The Dargah is dedicated to the Muslim saint Haji Ali. It is a peaceful island of peace surrounded by the beautiful ocean.. It also makes for a fabulous picture.

You can hire a boat from the Gateway of India to visit the Elephanta Island. It is situated near the Mumbai Harbor, and is famous for its ancient cave temple. Worth seeing here is the 19.6ft-high statue of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva.

After a long day of sightseeing, you can just relax at the Marine Drive. Also known as the ‘Queen Necklace’ for the shape the night lights form around this ocean front, Marine Drive is a popular promenade. From early-morning joggers to aimless strollers in the evening, this place is loved by all in Mumbai. It is also a favorite hang-out place for the young.

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  1. Mumbai is the finest city in the world to travel so u guys must travel to Mumbai.

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