Mykonos Island

Now that you are in Greece, there are places for you to visit and enjoy and when the mighty Greek sun grows a little sleepy and tags the sultry Moon to rise above the sea, there is a place that will come to life– Mykonos. This place happens to be one of the popular visitor spots that have invited thousands to millions of trendy visitors every year. This locale has a history in it and as the story goest, Mykonos is believed to have been named after the grandson of Apollo, Mykons. According to Geography as well as Mythology, Mykonos is where Zeus and Titan fought.

Mykonos is not hard to find since it is just around a couple of kilometers away from Delos, which a lot of visitors often visit as well. It is true that the music never sleeps in Mykonos. All due to the fact that nightlife is very much the happening thing most especially to visitors even locals. What happens is, there are parties scattered around the coast, which are often found near the hotels and at midday, people start to drink and have fun until the night comes and hovers a lunar glimmer. Since Mykonos has one of the beautiful beaches, there is quite a free-spirited crowd that rules over the place. Gender issues are not much of a problem here since they welcome the gay community with open arms.

There are several sites to visit like the windmills that are indeed the famous landmark in Mykonos since it has been there since the 16th Century. There is also this romantic place called the Little Venice where the houses or villas seem to be built hanging over the waters perched on rock formations.

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