Mysore Palace in Mysore

The Mysore palace is located in the Mysore city, in the state of Karnataka, India. The Mysore palace is also the residence of the Mysore royal family. The Mysore palace is regarded as the most splendid structures in India. The Mysore palace is well known for its architecture. A number of rulers from different kingdoms and various methods of architecture and various construction styles are involved in the construction of the palace. The lighting of the palace which is done during the Dussera festival is a highlight event at the palace.


The Wodeyar dynasty has built the Mysore palace in the 14th century. Mysore city was ruled by the Wodeyar dynasty from the 14th century until India’s independence in the year 1947. In the year 1638 a lightning strike hit the palace, causing damage to the palace. In the year 1793 the palace was demolished, which led to the building of a new palace in the year 1803. In the year 1897 the palace was set on fire while Princess Jayalakshmanni (princess from the Wodeyar dynasty) was on the throne. The palace was later rebuilt by Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV under Henry Irwin’s (British Architect) administration.


The palace was built by different emperors at different times, displaying the various architectural methods. The Mysore palace is a fine example of the Muslim, Rajput and Hindu. The palace is three floored building made of granite and pink marble. The building comprises of seven massive arches, the central arch displays the fine work of Gajalakshmi (goddess of wealth) which is a highlight at the palace.


Vijaya Dashami is the major festival celebrated in the autumn season. The festival is celebrated for about 10 days, the parade by the elephants is the major attraction of the festival.

Dasara is the most important festival which is celebrated in the month of October. The highlight of the festival is the palace illumination where 10,000 lights are used for the event.


The temples within the palace which includes the Someshvara temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva and the Lakshmiramana temple which is devoted to Lord Vishnu is the main attraction.

A huge structure, a tiger made of bronze, at the gate and the collection of arms and weapons belonging to the 14th century are a special attraction.


By air:

The nearby airport is the Bangalore international airport (which is 140 km from here).

By train:

Mysore is well connected by railways from all the parts of the country. Traveling by train is the easiest way to reach the palace.

By bus:

Bus services are available every 5 minutes from Bangalore. Luxury and normal buses are also available, which costs about 300 Rs.

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  3. I visited this page with great interest. I like to read history and see historical places. I have heard much of the Mysore royal palace and would soon visit it. On the 1/1/2013 I had been to Bikaner. I was impressed very much by the unique plans and vision of Maharaja Ganga Singhji————-Giriwar Nandan Prasad

  4. Giriwar Nandan Prasad says:

    I was eager to visit this highly beautiful and prestigious mansion since a long time. Much I had heard and read about it . One writer pushed my imagination high up in sky by whispering in my ears that this Wodeyar building is no less tha the Britain’s Buckiingham Palace. It was really thrilling to have its first glimpse from the far off touring bus. Situated in a vast , sprawling compound, the magnanimous mansion justified the wdriter’s version.
    It took two hours to see the interior settings and decorations of the palace. Snappng was not allowed . I was completely lost among the Wodeyars rulers and their officers , soldiers and skilled masons .

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    It’s a very logical and wonderful palace.

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