Na Pali Coast

Na Pali 400
Na Pali Coastline Rainbow
Photo by: roy.luck, Creative Commons

If you wish to experience nature at its best, then all you need to do is visit the northwest side of Kauai. This oldest inhabited Hawaiian island is famous for Na Pali Coast State Park. The park is a stretch of rugged coastline. A picturesque view of the ocean with cliffs that can be seen from all angles is what the Na Pali coastline offers.

Getting to Na Pali Coast alone is an experience worth taking. You would even thank the fact that it is not accessible to automobiles. There are three ways to get there. You can hike and enjoy the lush greens while admiring the blue ocean on the horizon. You can go boating or kayaking into the Park while enjoying the marine life below you. Or you can use a helicopter and still marvel at the spectacular view from above.

The person who coined the phrase nature tripping must have had Na Pali Coast in mind. Nature in all its glory is the primary attraction of this park. The nourishing environment allows days of isolation without missing civilization. Its cliffs boasts of a thick tapestry and narrow valleys that abruptly ends at the sea may appear threatening, but once you smell the salty air coming from the sea mixing with the fragrance of different wild flowers, you will understand why the first Hawaiians chose to settle in this part of the island.

This ancient coast line of Na Pali should definitely be included in your itinerary when you visit Hawaii. The rock walls and terraces throughout the coast line, the lush greens, and the deep blue ocean along with its inhabitants are enough reasons for you to not mind the long hike or boat ride. In fact, part of the adventure is how you get there. A trip to Na Pali Coast is a trip worth taking at least once in our lifetime.

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