Eastern view of downtown from Nagoya Station
Photo by: Paul Davidson, Creative Commons

Nagoya is one of the most visited cities in Japan. After hearing rave reviews about the city, more foreigners, and even locals are attracted by the city’s promise of an enjoyable vacation haven. Why not visit this captivating city now? Experience the unique Japanese lifestyle and indulge in its lavish cultural heritage as you read this article further. This will provide you some travel tips for your dream vacation.

Nagoya has received prestigious recognitions for its environmental programs which aim to eradicate mounts of garbage in the city. Among its awards are Environmental Minister’s Award 2006 and the Grand Prix award. It was also honored as the eco-capital of Japan due to the local government’s efforts to lead a green lifestyle and reduce the city’s carbon dioxide emissions. Thus, you are guaranteed of a clean and green vacation spot!

A tour around these lovely destinations will certainly take your breath away:

Fujimae Tidal Flat
An ultimate spot for bird sightseeing, Fujimae Tidal Flat is an intersection of the rivers Nikko, Shinkawa, and Shonai. The site not only attracts tourists, but migratory birds as well. The Fujimae tidal flat is a habitat for approximately 60 species of birds. If you’ll check out this spot, you will be delighted at the crystal clear waters and colorful birds present in the area.

Higashiyama Park
Higashiyama Park is composed of the Higashiyama Zoo, Sky Tower and Botanical Gardens. The park is considered to be one of the biggest animal shelters in Asia. Don’t forget to see the Higashiyama Sky Tower, the skyscraper that provides a clear view of the entire city. Try going at the tower at night, since Nagoya is prettiest at dark, due to its streaming lights.

Shirotori Garden and Ran no Yakata Orchid Gardens
A romantic place where flowers and trees thrive abundantly, Shirotori Garden and Orchid Gardens are nature at its best. Shirotori Garden features a wide area for strolling situated around a pond complete with water flowers and plants. One of Japan’s most famous traditions, tea ceremony is also offered in the place. Seiutei, a swan-like house located inside the garden, has authentic tea which tourists can try out. Ran no Yakata Orchid Gardens, on the other hand, is a collection of almost 250 different types of orchids available for purchase and flower arrangement services.

Hotels in Nagoya provide excellent accommodations to their customers through the years. There are a large number of hotels to choose from. If you’re on a tight budget, consider looking at inexpensive but superb hotels such as Hilton Hotel, Nagoya Tokyu Hotel and Castle plaza Hotel. Enjoy!

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