National Museum of Iraq

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National Museum of Iraq
Photo by: Zzztriple2000, Creative Commons

The National Museum of Iraq is known to house a significant number of historical artifacts that has helped people learn more about the Mesopotamian civilizations and middle-eastern life in general. It first opened its doors to the public in 1926 through the efforts of author and British traveler Gertrude Ball, who unfortunately passed away months before the museum welcomed its first guests. Because of many conflicts that befell the country in the past, many important relics that were originally included in the museum’s display have been looted and sold to private collectors through the black market. In 2009, the national museum once again opened its glory to the world for a day by the Iraqi prime minister Al – Maliki.

Although the national museum no longer holds its former grandeur, it is a relief to know that history is not completely all lost. There are many artifacts that are still kept within its walls, some even dating back to the prehistoric era.

If you want to take a tour of the National Museum of Iraq, you can do so just by logging on to its official website and taking the virtual tour. The museum is still under constant renovation and strictly under lock and key because of important historical items that are being guarded. You can also help the efforts of the Iraqi government for the further development and protection of the museum by sending in cash donations or volunteering your services. You can also report certain cases if you happen to find any relics that they declare to be part of the museum’s collection. For the meantime, while the museum is being rebuilt, you can enjoy the photos on the official museum website.

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