Nha Trang

Nha Trang boats await passengers.
Photo by: wirralwater (where to next?), Creative Commons

Nha Trang has been a famous tourist destination for a lot of people because of its spectacular beach. The Nha Trang Bay is home to rich marine life with its deep blue water and white sand. For this reason, scuba diving and backpacking has been popular tourist activities. The six kilometer beach shoreline is also a good spot for sunbathing and swimming, however, you cannot enjoy it if you visit the beach during rainy seasons. The rainy season lasts from November up to January, so it is advisable to visit Nha Trang before these rainy months.

Activities that you can enjoy along with the magnificent beach are scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, kite boarding and island hopping. There are trips offered in the shoreline that will take you to the little islands surrounding Nha Trang Bay. There are several resorts at these islands where you can choose to stay. Other than the beach, you can also roam around Nha Trang and enjoy touring all over the place. The Alexandre Yersin Museum houses various mementos of Alexandre Yersin, a Swiss-French scientist. He has contributed a lot in Nha Trang as he spent his life in this town. The White Buddha is also a great landmark, which seated on a hillside located in the northwestern part of the town.

In terms of food and souvenir items, the Cho Dam Market is the right place to visit. You can purchase a lot of merchandises here. You can also find restaurants here selling authentic Vietnamese cuisines. The most famous are seafood meals, grilled pork wrapped in rice paper and bird’s nest soup. Bird’s nest soup is Nha Trang’s pride cuisine as it is rarely found in other towns. The soup is offered in various soup houses around the place; having the soup after a trip in the beach is the best way of rewarding yourself with a delicious treat!

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