Nioro Du Sahel

Traveling to Nioro Du Sahel is considered the grandest trip to Mali nature and culture. The town was founded and existed around 16th century and it prospered in 18th century as it became the Bambara kingdom’s capital. Because of its favorable location, it also became the center of commercial trade between Sudan and Senegal. For this reason, you can find a wide range of products, starting from the cultural textiles to the local fruits of Mali.

Due to extreme temperatures, Nioro Du Sahel has many sandy areas, but there are also places of rich greeneries highlighted by the town’s red colored soil. You can tour the town using any transportation methods available to see the indigenous wildlife. What is good about roaming around the town is the residents’ warm welcome as they always smile sincerely whenever they see tourists passing by. In order to appreciate the local culture, you can also try to live with them for a short time as the local residents often times take the honor of entertaining the town’s guests.

In visiting Nioro Du Sahel, it is recommended to visit during Mali’s moderate weather months which take place from July thru September. While exploring the city, it’s advisable to purchase the local’s products such as textiles, fruits and delicacies as you are not only giving yourself a treat but you helping the livelihood of the locals.

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