Normandy Beaches

Normandy Beach
Photo by: caspermoller, Creative Commons

One of the greatest battles ever to take place in the history of the world took place at Normandy beaches in France. Today it is possible to visit the location where so many people died fighting for their freedom. This location will bring to life the harrowing battle of that fateful day in June 1944 when allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, attempting to liberate France from the grip of the Nazis. D-Day refers to the first day of a military operation, hence it was deemed fitting to call the beaches by that name, bringing to mind the valiant heroes who fought to obtain freedom for their country.

There are several ways to visit the Normandy beaches. Several of the ways are to take a river cruise down the Seine from Paris or an ocean cruise porting in Le Havre or Honfleur.

For travelers wishing to experience the historic past of France, notably a first-hand view of where the Great Invasion of 1944 took place, will find other fascinating things to experience as well. It’s also a great opportunity to savor Normandy cuisine at one of the many French restaurants in the area. Also get a close look at the charming villages along the way. A scenic drive along the Normandy Coast, a museum visit, and getting a first-hand glimpse of the famed beaches in their tranquil state can all offer a beguiling experience. The journey lets the average traveler reminisce and think how it must have been for the combatants and dwellers of the area back in 1944.

The D-Day beaches themselves are a sight to behold. They are still referred to by their wartime code names — Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah. The Utah and Omaha beaches are where American forces made their landing, while Sword and Gold are where British forces landed. Other must-see spots in the area are the Mulberry Harbor and Pointe du Hoc, a cliff top location that overlooks the sea. There are not too many places where you can stumble upon unexpected scenes that hit a spot in the heart. The D-Day beaches and other memorable sights in Normandy can accomplish just that.

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  1. Sethumadhavan says:

    Feel like crying loudly looking at the huge cemetry

    Who invented the war ? Enemy of the mankind.

    Pray that never in future we shall witness

    such events of war.

    God bless the mankind………….

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