Cameroon is at the west of Nigeria so if you are thinking of what to do and where to go, the best place to head off too is Nwa, Cameroon. This little place is ironically bustling with tourists from all over the world. Some know so little of this spot in the whole of Central Africa.

There are curious tourists like you who at first sight of the waters of the lakes in Nwa, Cameroon will immediately take their boots off to experience the warm and calming waters of the rivers. Keep this in mind that you are not to do this! There are little parasites that might sting or bite you possibly starting an infection should you have an open wound. It is advisable to keep your limbs inside the boat for your entire trip.

Aside from the cool river ride, in Nwa, Cameroon, there are also other forms of fun-filled activities like hiking in the mountains and religious pilgrimages as well.

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  1. Buddy B says:

    This information is NOT TRUE. THere is NO river in NWA. There are NO TOURISTS either,.

  2. Those who think the information is not true are jealous of this Beautiful City In Cameroon

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