American Samoa

Tourists who are looking for a natural high can get lots of it in American Samoa. In fact, it’s a shame that this tropical paradise has gone unrecognized, what with its lush mountain ridges, pacific bays, peaceful reefs, beaches and coasts. The villages are also a sight to behold, and could teach a weary tourist a thing or two about laidback country life.

The main island of Tutuila welcomes travelers to these tropics. Here, traces and distilled influences of the Americas are easily recognizable, such that tourists from the west can fill right at home within the settlements, the harbor, the mountain passes and the beaches. The locals are also very hospitable. You can expect to be prodded to sing your favorites song on the bus, to be smiled at when you walk around in the streets, and be told stories to when you are out at night.

You can get around and explore the islands in a hired car, or you can take the public transport for an authentic experience. When hiring a car, remember to inspect the unit for any damages, and have the littlest scratch or dent noted. Otherwise, you run the risk of being made responsible for the damages when you return the car.

Backpacking to the Manu’a Islands, situated further into the American Samoan territory, will take you to adventurous areas. From swimming in the coral waters off Ofu Beach to watching the birds fly across the cliffs Ta’U, there is nothing as serene as a nice day in the American Samoa.

Despite the tsunami and earthquake that rocked the islands in late 2009, its tropical charms have not been lost. It remains to be a resilient paradise tucked in the outskirts of the South Pacific Ocean.

American Samoa Wonders