Train station in Odessa
Photo by: Jean & Nathalie, Creative Commons

Just when you thought that you’ve visited all the good places in the world, look again and go to Odessa, Ukraine. This is one of the third largest places in the whole of Ukraine that boasts of splendid places and attractions to visit. More and more tourists have often traveled to this place for quite a long time already.

An amazing cultural center, Odessa has often climbed the charts of the hearts of most tourists since they were able to visit attractions like the Catacomb, Potemkin Steps and other museums that hold the history of Odessa for everyone to experience.

Once you arrive at Odessa you’ll be amazed at their restaurants as well as hotels. So before you schedule your trip here, you have to make sure that you have reserved a room in one of the famous hotels to sleep at when the sun sets. Keep in mind that in Ukraine, credit cards are not preferred. With this in mind, make sure that you have enough cash or travelers cheques to convert to their currency, which is the Hryvnia (UAH).

There are also tips each and every tourist should be aware of especially if they are spending time at Odessa or any cities or towns. Since you are accustomed to the American way of sharing things and giving compliments, make sure that you do not openly say that you loved someone’s priced possessions since they will give it to you. People in Odessa are known to be generous and hospitable so be a little careful when you say you want their expensive car.

This place does not have snow but their weather could be tricky at times. During the summer, Odessa is very hot and humid ranging from 26 to 35 degrees. So if you are planning on visiting this place during the summer, better bring light fabrics. When winter comes, their usual temperature dips as low as 4 °C. So if you are going there during the cold months, better bring your fur coat and mittens to keep yourself warm. Do not forget to bring your medications should you have something to take just make sure you ask your doctor to issue you a medical certificate in case you get questioned.

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  1. Ann says:

    Hello, I would like to notify that the photo placed in the article doesnt correspond that beauty which our city (Odessa) is rich by. The fact is that Odessa is full of different historical and contemporary sightseengs of our hero-city.

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