Lake Ohrid under the moonlight.
Photo by: xJasonRogersx, Creative Commons

The city of Ohrid is the seventh biggest city in the country of Macedonia. This coastal city lies next to the tranquil waters of Lake Ohrid. This body of water is not only famous for its serene beauty but also for housing a vast underwater ecosystem. UNESCO declaring it as a world heritage site only proves the lake’s beautiful and pristine waters. A boat ride across Ohrid is one of the most spectacular features of visiting this city.

For people who prefer to move about on land, you can try Ohrid’s weekend tour packages. It is a 2-day tour for 4 people or more. There are many things that can be seen in Ohrid such as the process of washing basins under waterfalls. Also, you can come and visit a family whose line of business is in making the world-renowned Ohrid pearls. The native residents of Ohrid are also warm and accommodating so you are sure that you will enjoy touring their place before lunch is served. A group of 6 will pay more for this tour while a group of 15 to 19 will only pay considerably less for the whole duration of the tour.

Considering that the fee is already inclusive of lunch, refreshments, boat trips, hotel accommodations for half a day, and tour transportation, it is worth it. There is hardly a dull time when going around Ohrid since there are many beautiful places to be seen. Just make sure that you allot more time to tour the country on foot so as to better appreciate what Ohrid has to offer.

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  1. Ohrid is my favorite destination in Eastern Europe. The trance beaches on the south side are esoreal (an esoteric reality). The boat ride is a must. The old Orthodox Church is breathtaking. As a author, Ohrid is officially inspirational!

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