Old Havana

Old Havana
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If you want to travel back in time to an earlier destination, a trip in an old city would do. Old Havana in Cuba is a breath-taking place, composed of various old infrastructures. The city of Havana originated during the year 1519, along with the prosperity of Galleon trade. The city is located near the bay, so the treasures of Spanish Galleon ships were continuously brought in there. Because of this, the city prospered and many infrastructures were built in neoclassic and baroque style. These structures have been well, preserved making Old Havana a trip to the ancient world.

Old Havana is famous for its old fortresses, churches and buildings which are as follows:

* There are four old fortresses which still stand nowadays. These are the Castillo Los Tres Reyes Del Morro, La Cabaña, San Salvador de la Punta and Castillo de la Real Fuerza. La Cabaña is the most famous above all because of its magnificent structure.

* There are two historical churches that are popular among tourists, the Cathedral de San Cristobal and San Francisco de la Habana Basilica. The two churches are built between 17th and 18th century in baroque style of architecture.

* The Plaza de Armas is an open space or square built initially for military ceremonies. Currently, this is where tourists stay for a wide view of the old city.

* The Gran Teatro de la Habana, also known as the Great Theater of Havana, is well-known for the performances of National Opera and National Ballet of Cuba.

* The Museum of the Revolution is famous for its artifacts from the rich history of Havana.

Old Havana was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982 because of the city’s preservation of ancient structures. Tour buses are now available for tourists in order to have a look on every old buildings of the city. Various tour companies are around offering trips from place to place; this is convenient rather than exploring the city alone. Appreciate history and have a time travel like vacation at Old Havana.

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  1. Havana is really quite a city, especially for photography. The architecture and variations of colors are one what make this place really unique. Do you have anything on Trinidad? Good article though

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