Old Town Rhodes

Rhodes 400
Outer fortress of Old Town Rhodes
Photo by: Bracketing Life, Creative Commons

There is one part of Greece where you could simply loose yourself in admiration for the ruins and anything Greek and you could also loose your way too since there is a place called Rhodes Old Town where some of the 200 streets is has well, all have the same name – street with no name. You may need to bring your compass if you are so serious in finding yourself the right direction. Most tourists just laugh and say what the heck and get lost in the streets. They can easily ask some locals for their way home to the hotels so there is nothing to worry.

Did you know that the Rhodes Old Town is perhaps one of the oldest dwellings in Europe? It has artifacts that dates back to 3 B.C. and that makes you think “there were people already during that time?” While you are in Rhodes Old Town, the best place to go to is the Municipal Art Gallery. There are so many rare maps, ceramics and even chunks of walls where there were images carved on it. It is not for free and would just cost you a few dollars for entrance. Now don’t think that is too much since you will be able to enter not just the museum but different places like the Palace of the Knights.

The Rhodes Old Town is open during the day and there is a reason behind this. According to folklore, the old town used to be seized by the Turks when they took over Greece. So naturally they set up their camp their and pushed out all the Greeks living in town. These Greeks were allowed during daytime and those who did not follow and were found lurking around after the sun has set shall be beheaded.

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