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Olomouc, Czech Republic
Photo by: treyka, Creative Commons

Olomouc is one of the large cities in the Czech Republic that has attracted throngs of tourists from different parts of the world. It is a charming city that can be found in the center of Moravia. It is a busy place at the center of historic landmarks such as cathedrals and palaces. It is indeed one of the places you should visit when in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Considered as a place of rich culture and education, you will not find much quiet time in this area, most especially if you visit it in June when the festivities light up the sky and show the grandeur of the Czechs. Every tourist knows by heart that when you visit a place such as the Olomouc, you will become so amused with how they have embraced their more than a thousand years of history by the significant design of their landmarks.

You can reach Olomouc in many ways – by car, bus or train. That is hordes of tourists often find themselves submerged in thought as to what landmark they have to visit first. You also have to check your budget for this place is quite expensive should you want to reach your place of destination in less time. No tourist would want to visit this place in a jiffy so rest assured that you will be just spending a lot of your pocket money on food and lodging.

When you leave the Czech Republic and head home, you shall be full of wonderful memories of your stay there. Travel destinations come and go, new faces shall fleet but if you have Olomouc in your mind, nothing shall come close to the charisma is envelopes you.

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  1. Sylvia Jordan says:

    Very brief but nice write-up. I’m planning to have a vacation in Czech Republic together with my hubby for ten years. We will definitely include Olomouc in our itinerary.

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