Outback Australia

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Outback Australia
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The symbol of the Australia’s uniqueness, the outback, refers to the arid regions of Australia with mostly plants and animals ruling the wilderness. It is the home of Australia’s unique animals. Kangaroos, dingoes, native dogs, wild camels and horses live in the savannah and forests. Crocodiles live inside the rivers of the outback, together with other common reptiles. Birds of different types dominate the air.

The outback is a rainbow represented by its rustic scenery. From tall domes to steep hills, the color red dominates the rocky landscapes. Meanwhile, its parks and forest varies from green to purple, due to the combination of different flora. The waterscapes are blue, with changing hues depending on the sky. The sun is striking bright to golden yellow, shines and reflects through the rivers. Its animals, in their monotonous black and brown, provide the sense of wilderness.

With its vast area, covering mostly the parts of the Northern Territory and West Australia, the outback contains an endless choice of tourist attractions. Environmental friendly tourists will enjoy the national parks with its forests and falls. Animal lovers will love the grasslands and rivers for its kangaroos and crocodiles. Both will love the beauty of the Kakadu and Purnululu National Park. Adventure seekers will be thrilled with the rustic hills and cliffs suitable for hiking. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the Kings Canyons and Flinders Ranges offer the majestic view and exciting activities. Other notable destinations include the mining areas in Coober Pedy, Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie. For history-lovers, Aborigines art sites, dinosaur fossils and other archaeological sites are also situated in the outback, mostly inside the national parks.
The outback requires a fit physique and a reliable four wheel drive in order to be well explored. If one would like to have a view of its photogenic attractions, one has to walk and climb the cliffs, drive the rocky hills, wander in its natural parks, swim in its waterfalls and catch a rare glimpse of its kangaroos. Sounds difficult, but truly worth the effort too visit Australia.

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