Palomar Mountain State Park

Palomar Observatory
Photo by: Michael Slonecker, Creative Commons

The Palomar Mountain range is famous for three things, the Palomar Observatory, the Hale telescope, and the Palomar Mountain State Park. This California State Park is a go to destination for all seasons because of the fantastic views and experiences it affords visitors through different times of the year. The area is a mixed forest of cedar, silver fir, spruce, and black oak that lends an inviting atmosphere of exploration. There are ample campgrounds for vacationers as well as campgrounds built for local schoolchildren.

Visitors to Palomar that reach up to 70,000 people a year are offered a slew of activities such as sightseeing, camping, picnicking, hiking, and fishing. The park boast of wonderful surroundings as offered by the lush greenery and vegetation in the area which changes from vibrant greens during summer to the dramatic colors of fall. Even the ambience differs as the year progresses with the winter winds coming in to the coolness of spring, and the relative heat of summer. Hikers who are in search for a Sierra Nevada like atmosphere won’t be disappointed as these are amply provided by the tall trees and mountain meadows found throughout the state park. The day hike is actually one of the best offerings of the State Park with its four trail sampler that leads to a lookout atop Boucher Hill.

Other activities are picnicking on the park’s various picnic areas that give a spectacular feel of the environment, fishing at Doane Pond which is readily accessible via your hike trail and is stocked full with trout, and of course camping with your family or with your group of friends which is sure to be a one of a kind experience.

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