Pamalican Island

PamalicanAirview 400
Pamalican Island Aerial View
Photo by: Ortmann, Creative Commons

Pamalican Island is paradise on Earth. Surrounded by tranquil turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs, it is easy to get seduced with the island’s charms. It is the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, or even just simply basking under the sun.

Pamalican Island is a small island dotted with lush coconut trees and five kilometers of white sand beach. The crystal clear turquoise waters are flanked by coral reefs just 50 to 300 meters from the sea shore. The island is home to the Amanpulo Resort, a secluded luxury resort for relaxation and peace. True to its name, Amanpulo means ‘peaceful island’ which it really is.

The island is located southwest of Manila, east of Palawan. You can get there via a small 19-passenger charter plane, the plane ride lasts about an hour. The island is privately owned, exclusive only to the Amanpulo Resort guests. The Amanpulo resort has plenty of cottages, and you can stay by the hillside, on the treetop, or on a villa, whichever you want. The weather is tropical, so the perfect time to go is from November to May when the season is hot and dry.

Amanpulo resort’s main building is the Clubhouse. The resort boasts of many wood sculptures and rattan chairs proudly made in the Philippines. While on the island, you can participate in many leisure and recreational activities. Aside from the usual diving, swimming and snorkeling, you can also do sailing, windsurfing, sunset cruises, picnicking, fishing and more. The resort has a hundred foot long pool! Apart from sea and beach activities, you can take a hike along the island nature trails, explore, and even play golf.

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  1. amber says:

    WOW i soo wanna go here its got good detail about the island
    thax 🙂

  2. pt says:

    there is no golf on the island but it is truly paradise…

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