Panajachel View from Santa Caterina
Photo by: JoePhoto, Creative Commons

Many people who plan their vacation usually want to visit a place with breathtaking views and amazing natural spots. If you are also looking for a place where you can experience nature at its finest, you should visit Panajachel. This paradise on earth has everything that nature has to offer. For one, it gives you a spectacular view to three volcanoes and the famous lake in Guatemala, Lake Atitlan. Panajachel is located in the highlands which overlooks the abovementioned natural sights. Panajachel is also the entry point if you want to visit the three ethnic towns located around Lake Atitlan namely, San Antonio Palopo, San Catarina Palopo, and Santiago Atitlan. These towns make the best weaved cloths and ethnic costumes.

Aside from viewing the lake, you can also check it out closely by riding a canoe by yourself or a guided tour in a boat. You will see the magnificence of the lake up close, not to mention the awesome volcanoes that surround it. When you take a ride or drive to the lake, you will be awestruck with the cloudy sight. You will see a sea of clouds that will make you feel as if you are in heaven. The ride tot eh lake is also an amazing experience in itself.

Panajachel also has a beach. You can take a swim in the cool water on warm days, though the beach is not ideal for sunbathing because it is rocky. Though this is not a major attraction, it is still a good idea to visit the La Playa.

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