Panama City

Photo by: Ken Mayer, Creative Commons

Panama City, the central hub where all the important activities in the country is being held and packed with lots of pre-historic and contemporary tourist destinations. Being the busiest place in the country, Panama City, Panama will give you a vacation to remember for a lifetime.

Right before you enter this city, you can see the famous Panama Canal that connects two of the largest oceans of our world, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It is considered as one of The Eight Wonders of the World for being an exceptional inland waterway for mankind.

Another is the Amador Causeway. It somewhat resembles the race track in your famous racing game – the one with smooth roads bordered by the swaying palm trees. It essentially serves as the main road for connecting four small islands in Panama. At the Old Quarter of Panama City lies the old chapel of Santo Domingo de Guzman. Inside, you can see ancient items that belonged to the previous families of the district.

Metropolitan National Park is best for nature lovers. Wearing light clothes and comfortable shoes, sunscreen and bug repellant is kind of required to keep you safe all throughout the journey. Birds, reptiles, mammals and the only one of its kind, titi monkey can be seen here as well. The setting is in fact a tourist destination for the whole family.

You don’t need to look for a nice hotel to stay or what restaurants to eat because once you get here, people will welcome you like their own relatives. There are more to Panama that you could ever imagine. So take your vacation in this immaculate tourist destination.

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  1. Will Gisler says:

    Whomever wrote this descriptor needs to brush up on their use of conjunctions “are” and “is”. “Activities is”? “There are more to Panama that you could ever imagine”?
    Should be “Activities are” and “There is more to Panama than you could ever imagine”.

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