Paphos, Cyprus
Photo by: Verity Cridland, Creative Commons

Paphos, Cyprus is a very beautiful place. It is famous for being the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. It is located in the southwest, between the Troodos Mountains and the coast. It is also divided into the upper and the lower Paphos areas. The upper area is the hub of commercial establishments, while the lower area is where most archaeological structures and hotels are found. This lower area is known as the Kato Paphos. It is a great place for bars, restaurants, and hotels.

The town of Paphos is also small. That is the reason that many tourists explore the city on foot. They may also ride bicycles and other motorized vehicles if they intend to travel around the Paphos region. In addition, local buses are widely available to reach different destinations. Nevertheless, the tourist attractions in Paphos, Cyprus are absolutely remarkable. The Paphos Archaeological Park, for instance, is popular for its Roman ruins. These are specifically the House of Theseus and the House of Dionysos which have amazing mosaics to see. The Tombs of the Kings is another great attraction. Many rich people and prominent officials are buried here instead of actual kings. These tombs were engraved out of hard rock and they depict the people’s ways of living during the fourth century.

Other places to visit are the Bird Park and the Aphrodite Water Park. Such parks are perfect for the whole family, and little children will surely enjoy the visiting here. Paphos is also a great place to shop. Numerous stores ranging from furniture shops to souvenir stores are full of great products. In addition, first-class dining may be experienced at the town’s hotels. Chinese and Mexican foods are also served in restaurants, as well as, Greek and Italian dishes. Native foods such as the Cypriot meze are also available.

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    I have always wanted to visit Paphos, Cyprus.It looks and sounds amazing! Very interesting post keep up the good work.

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