Paradise Harbor

The Raffles Hotel
Photo by: Bruce Tuten , Creative Commons

If you are looking for that happiest place on earth, visit Paradise Harbor, Antarctica. This is a haven for shutterbugs, so bring along your lenses, tripod, and charge their batteries so you capture all the bounty of nature. This place happens to be Antarctica’s pride and joy due to the serenity of the location.
Several tourists who already visited Paradise Harbor, Antarctica, can very well attest to the magnificent shots they have taken when they saw the calving icebergs. True enough, these glaciers have beautiful reflections when the light bounces on water. You will be amazed when the icebergs break off in chunks as you pass by in your zodiac or otherwise known as a rubber boat.

You really have to ride in these smaller boats for you to tour the entire scenery being offered by Paradise Harbor, Antarctica. Since it is easier for small boats to maneuver in tight narrow passages, a regular cruise ship cannot pass through and besides, since tourists are known to come in groups, it will be a wonderful ride. If you are on the solitary expedition, kayaks are available too but it would be better to go with the group since emergency situations can really leave you helpless.

Another added attraction that would surely make this place special is the candid movements of penguins, whales and sea lions. They are not bothered by human presence anymore since they have already became accustomed to these zodiacs bearing as many as twelve people who are taking shot after shot with their cameras. Always bear in mind that Paradise Harbor, Antarctica is nature’s gift to mankind, so make sure you do your part in keeping it clean and not polluted. Your family will remember the happiest place on Earth as witnessed through your lens.

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