Paramount Studios

Paramount Pictures gate at Melrose Avenue
Photo by: Sarah_Ackerman, Creative Commons

The huge and iconic wrought-iron gates of Paramount Studios are probably one of the most recognized Hollywood landmarks, ranking along the large Hollywood sign on Mount Hollywood. Many film greats have walked through the grand gates of Paramount Studios in Los Angeles since their humble beginnings in 1912. Today, Paramount Studios is the acknowledged as the longest operating major Hollywood studio in the area.

History buffs who want to learn about the history of the American entertainment industry will find a treasure trove of information at the studios. Paramount has witnessed every major development in the film and television industries, including the rise of several of today’s legendary talents from directors to actors. Iconic personalities like Cecil B. DeMille, Alfred Hitchcock, Elvis Presley, and Audrey Hepburn have walked the studio lots of Paramount in the past. Today, the current crop of Hollywood superstars like Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford, and many more can be spotted threading the grounds and continuing the Hollywood legacy.

Paramount Studios had also ventured in the world of television in the mid-1960s. After they purchased the Desilu television studios from beloved comedian Lucille Ball, the studio immediately set to work and created some of the television’s most unforgettable series. The original “Star Trek” and “Mission: Impossible” television series were shot in the back lot of Paramount, along with “The Brady Bunch,” “Happy Days,” and “Frasier” among others.

A trip to Hollywood isn’t complete if you don’t get to experience a studio tour. Paramount has opened their doors to the public through guided tours of their studio back lots. You can also take sneak peek behind the workings of your favorite movies and television shows. With Paramount’s history in the industry, you’ll be sure to feel like a part of Hollywood history once you step past those famous gates.

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