Pas De La Casa

Snowboarding in Pas De La Casa, Andorra
Photo by: total13, Creative Commons

If there’s one thing Pas De La Casa is best known for, it’s being one of the finest places for skiing. Located on the border of France and Spain, it sits comfortable in the Pyrenees. It is known for being a haven for European winter sports fans, particularly British, French and Spanish because of its snow flushed proximity and fantastic views.

Unlike most destinations, Pas De La Casa enjoys a duty-free status because of its location. Not only will you have a great time skiing on the mountain, you can also shop for quality goods at a much lower cost. If you time it right, you might even make it in time for holiday bargain sales. Many stores sell winter sport supplies and equipment at bargain prices. There are many exclusive boutiques that sell designer clothes, perfumes, cosmetics and electronic gadgets.

Skiing and snowboarding are fun and exhilarating sports but there are many other things you can do. Pas De La Casa is as alive at night as it is during the day. There are many clubs and bars with reasonable priced drinks and good music. Most of the bars have happy hours that extend until late night!

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  1. GORDON MILES says:

    Please forward lodging information for skiing inPasDe LaCasa What are the ski conditions in feburary ?

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