Perce Rock

Perce Rock 400
Rocher Percé, in French means “pierced rock.”
Photo by: blackwing de, Creative Commons

When you plan a visit to Canada, make sure that on top of your list is Perce Rock, located off the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula. Rocher Percé, in French means “pierced rock.” It is across the Gulf of Saint Laurence in the province of Quebec. It is a massive formation of rocks layered with lime stones, it is 1,300 feet long and 296 feet wide; it is called pierced rock because it has a hole in its structure which forms an arch like figure. It actually has two holes, today, it only has one because the other has collapsed over time.

It is captivating and inspiring to look at, a unique rock structure close to the shoreline. It is not just a barrier for high waves but also a home for various species of birds, the seagulls, razorbills, guillemots and other seabirds.

The rock island can be reached by means of a boat. The best way so far is by taking the boat to really go around the rock. Many people are drawn to the beauty of the rock especially during the break of dawn where different colors radiate from the rock. Even during twilight its beauty glows. That is the natural splendor of the rock.

Very near to Perce Rock is Bonaventure Island, the best place to view thousands of seabirds. Because of the proximity of Bonaventure Island to the rock, it has become a major tourist destination. Both Islands are great for sightseeing; at the same time an ideal destination for camping, hiking, and rock climbing. The best description for Perce Rock is, magnificent.

5 responses to “Perce Rock”

  1. nehu says:

    whhy is perce rock a famous tourist attraction?

  2. nevh says:

    why is it a famous tourist attration??? and where is it located????

  3. Riztys says:

    The unusual rock formation make it an attraction. It is on the northeastern tip off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada.

  4. Penny says:

    Actually it is not off the coast of New Brunswick, but off the coast of Quebec.

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