Perm, the countryside
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Perm is a city in Russia, the biggest country in the world and a major world power, as you may already know from history lessons and news and current affairs. If you’re going to visit the Russian Federation, don’t just stroll through Moscow and St. Petersburg, its two biggest and most important cities (if it’s even possible to stroll through them, that is). Explore other cities such as Perm.

Perm is situated in the eastern European side of the country, on the Kama River. It is the administrative center of Perm Oblast. In 1957, it was merged with Molotovo, hence its having been called Molotov for 17 years. The name Perm was readopted in 1957. (The name’s origin is probably Veps or Komi, “Parma” meaning, “a hilly place covered with woods” in Komi-Permyak language, and “Pera maa” or “Perama” meaning “distant land” in Veps. The name is also believed to be the Permian geologic period’s namesake.)

Perm has a continental climate. Summers are warm while winters are long and cold. The city’s current population is more than 1,000,000. Residents and tourists alike can travel by plane via the international airport, Bolshoye Savino Airport. Public transportation choices include trams, buses, and trolleybuses. You can also make use of the Trans-Siberian Railway lines passing through the city and radiating toward Central Russia and other parts of the country. If you wish to take the water route, the Kama River connects Perm with European waterways, and through the body of water you can ship cargo to the White, Azov, Baltic, Caspian, and Black sea ports without reloading.

Tourist spots include the Perm Opera and Ballet House, which is the one of the best in the country. Many other theaters exist in Perm, including the Puppet Theater, Drama Theater, Theater for Young Spectators, and Theatre “Near Bridge.” The Perm State Art Gallery houses in its early 19th-century structure outstanding art collections widely recognized, such as paintings from the art movements of the 15th to18th century. The museum’s spire pierces the sky and towers over the rest of the city as it is located on the Komsomolsky Prospect.

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