Peshawar Museum
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The Capital of Pashtun Culture and Arts

During the Soviet War in Afghanistan in 1980, Peshawar became the home of Afghan refugees who fled during the conflict. Because of this, Peshawar consequently became the center of Pashtun culture and arts in Pakistan.

The astonishing establishments make Peshawar a great place to visit. When you go to Peshawar, it is important that you visit the landmarks that are unique to this city. These landmarks include the following:

• The Islamic College at the University of Peshawar

• The Peshawar Museum

• The Lady Reading Hospital

• The Sunehri Mosque

• Excavations of the Kanishka Monastery

• Peshawar’s Walled City

• The Mahabat Khan Mosque

Islam is the dominant religion of the area although there is also a relative population of Sikh and Hindu among its people.

Peshawar is connected to the major cities of Pakistan via the Karakorum Highway. The Peshawar International Airport is the main airport in the region. The roads of Peshawar are also linked to China and Afghanistan.

The city hosts its own film industry known as Pollywood where much of the Pashto films have been made. It also serves as the center for literature, political, and media related personalities.

There are also many activities that you can engage on while in Peshawar. During the summer season, you can do hiking tours in the mountains. If you intend to buy goods, you have to prepare yourself to bargain. Better yet, you can take a local with you when shopping for items. You can also start visiting the landmarks of Peshawar and be warmed by their cultural foundations. There are also many restaurants and food stops that you can try in this city. You can try eating on local restaurants to have a taste of Peshawar specialties or visit Western fast food chains.

While in Peshawar, you should also try the Kawa, or green tea which is known for its distinct flavor and sweetness.

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