Grass runway at Petionville
Photo by: M Eriksson, Creative Commons

Located in Port-au-Prince, Petionville is one of the major suburbs of Haiti. Petionville was named after Alexander Sabes Petion, a Haitian general and former president and was later recognized as one of the founding fathers of the country. This commune and major suburb is primarily a residential and tourist area and houses majority of the country’s elite. Majority of the businesses and tourist activities take place in this area. While majority of the most affluent are here, it will be interesting to notice that poor locals have migrated towards the edge of the district in search for better opportunities.

The nightlife in Petionville is definitely hip and happening. Because of the affluence that is accorded to the people who live in the district, there are nightclubs, fancy restaurants and bars, beauty salons and fitness gyms that are abound in the hillside. Parties happen all night and they last until the wee hours of the morning. Business meetings and gatherings often happen in the different French restaurants or nightclubs. The famous El Rancho hotel which was built by luxury and sports car collector Albert Silvera sits on the hills of Petionville.

The nightlife of the district is in stark contrast to the razor wires that divide them from the poor locals. One is sure to notice the stringent security of the area, which surprisingly is tighter than that in the city of Port-au-Prince and of the country as a whole. The community is considered very stable and while the culture and the nightlife of Petionville are of opposing poles, the district still remains to be one of the most visited tourist attractions of the country.

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