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After touring other cities and places in Slovakia for various sights and entertainment, you may want to end the tour by pampering yourself to a relaxing health-oriented treatments, which is big business at Piestany, Slovakia. The life in this town is very much different from the other places in the country. This is very ideal for people who love the laid back kind of lifestyle. Aside from being quiet and safe, the city is very well kept and maintained.

Every year, this town accommodates tourists who are mostly coming from Arab countries and eastern parts of Europe. Most of these people choose to come here to experience various treats at numerous good restaurants that can be found near, around or inside known hotels and health spas. These may be some of the known and oldest businesses in the city with about 30,000 residents, but through time, investors keep on coming about to try and develop other kinds of industries as well.

Health-oriented spa treatment will always be the main attraction of this city. This is because they utilize natural products that have been in existence since the old times and they also perform old-fashion cures that have proven effective through generations. The services are not only effective but these are also being offered at affordable prices.

Before leaving the place, you may also want to learn about its rich past by visiting its museum that features the city’s ancient and modern history sites. You will get to see ruins of 9th century castles, exhibits of folk arts, sacred arts and some learning about the history of the city’s spa treatments.

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  1. Known for its famous health spas, Piestany is indeed a unique holiday destination. Visitors have probably heard that a visit to health spas in Piestany is good for the mind, body and this is actually true. The good thing about the health spa treatments is that they are not only relaxing but they offer health benefits as well, and this is why any traveler ought to visit a health spa when on vacation in Piestany.

  2. Piestany says:

    Piestany has a lot to offer. I suggest everyone to visit not only spa center for relax, but also utilize sport opportunities. There are numerous golf areas, tennis courts or even wellness centers for amazing prices. Don’t forget to visit Slnava for water sports and amazing nature as well ass country festivals during summer.

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