Pointe Noire

Pointe Noire – At the Beach
Photo by: endless, Creative Commons

This name is not to be confused with the wine Pinot Noir. Pointe Noire is one of the very simple and peaceful cities in the Republic of Congo. Also located in the north-eastern part of the country, Pointe Noire is barely high in populace and is more of a rural area. People are reliant on agricultural means for their economic sustenance.

Surprising as it may be, Pointe Noire boasts of some of the best beaches you could ever imagine. Marine life is also another source of livelihood for the Africans in this city.

Although rural in nature, Pointe Noire also has a few admirable establishments. One of these is the CFCO or the terminus of the Chemin de fer Congo-Ocean, the city’s finest building situated close to the port. This railway was built to connect to the capital city Brazzaville, to avoid rapids along the Congo River.

Currently Pointe Noire is developing well. Tourists are guaranteed to be well accommodated here as it has heavenly hotels such as the Hotel de Ville, a place to stay that’s close to the waterfalls. And because Pointe Noire is also rich in different kinds of animal species both on land and in water, diving and African safari would definitely top a tourist’s itinerary.

As for the food, this city also has it. African cuisine and fine seafood will await tourists in almost every restaurant. And people wouldn’t mind bringing home some of Pointe Noire’s delicacies as it is the center of production for cacao, vanilla and coffee.

2 responses to “Pointe Noire”

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks. I knew about the falls and beaches. But can you tells us more about the Safari and other options. I’m arriving mid June and trying to determine if I should stay more than 2 days before moving on.
    As well can you recommend any shopping areas for local arts and crafts?


  2. Andrew Goetsch says:

    I don’t know what Pointe Noire this article is referring to, but the one in Congo-Brazzaville is a filthy, extremely denslly populated city of over a half million and as far from the northeast part of the country as you can get. The beaches are only good for getting robbed and the only animals you’ll see will be on a spit.

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