Polish Zloty

If you have been to Poland or have tried your luck in the Forex market, you have probably heard of the Polish zloty. Zloty is Poland’s currency. If you are wondering about the meaning of the word, the word ‘zloty’ literally means ‘golden.’ The word is derived from the Polish term ‘zloto’ which means ‘gold.’ One zloty is equal to 100 groszy. The plural form of this currency is zlotys and the word zloty is used in English speaking countries and in other parts of the world to refer to Poland’s currency.

Polish zloty might not be as popular as the US dollar but it also has a great history just like every country’s currency.

• Zlotys come in bills and coins. The National Bank of Poland is the only bank who has the right to issue zlotys in Poland. The coins range from 1 groszy to 5 zlotys while the bills range from 10 to 200 zlotys.
• The appearance of the zloty is similar to most bank notes because they also feature historical figures and symbols. For instance, the 50 zloty bill has King Casimir III on the front side and his royal seal, an eagle, on the reverse side. On the 200 zloty bill, you will see Sigismund I face one side and an eagle with the letter S, Sigismund I’s royal seal, on the other side.
• Zloty has been used since the Middle Ages. At first, ancient people referred to all types of gold coins as zloty. But in the late 1400s, the national currency, zloty, was approved by the Sejm. As the value of the currency decreases over time, the zloty became a silver coin.
• The value of one zloty is equal to 0.35 US dollar. Learning about the value of any currency is important especially if you are trading in the Forex market or if you plan to work in Poland.

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  1. Plarem says:

    Last point is false. Poland still has the zloty. It did not adopt the euro ever.

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