Presidential Palace
Photo by: M Eriksson, Creative Commons

Are you planning on taking a long holiday break but want to be able to go somewhere different? Want to experience new culture and good food? Then head on to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti with your friends and family. It is the capital of the country and is the major seaport and commercial center as well. Tourism is one of the major economy boosters of Haiti, so do enjoy your stay in Port-Au-Prince.

Port-Au-Prince is known for its museums and heritage places. But these are not the only tourist attractions where you can go to when you are in this city with such a rich culture. If you would like to spend a day lounging by the beach and perfecting your tan, then the Gulf of La Gonave is the perfect place that you should go to. With its fine white sand and crystal, clear, warm waters, nothing beats relaxing and chilling by the beach when you are here. When you are done relaxing at the La Gonave, you may want to visit the major tourist attractions which include the National Palace, the Cathedrale de Port-au-Prince, the Musee Nationale, and the Musee d’Art Haitien du College St. Pierre.

The National Palace is known for being the center of art and culture of the country because of its colonial architecture. The same goes for the churches and cathedrals of Port-au-Prince. Tourists make sure to drop by these places not only for their religious significance to the people of the city but also because of the Neo-Romantic architecture of the structures.

Port-au-Prince is a place that should definitely be in your top ten places to go if you want to experience a culture that is both upscale and at the same time old world.

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