Port Dickson

Port Dickson beach resort
Photo by: Tinglestan, Creative Commons

Port Dickson is a hot spot for holiday vacations. It has a lot of beautiful beach resorts where water-skiing, swimming, wind surfing, canoeing, and snorkeling may be done. Visitors who are fond of sailing may avail of a temporary membership from the Yacht Club, as well. And for those who love to fish, they may use the kelong or a boat. They may also catch an Ikan Sembilang. There is also the Blue Lagoon, which is a great area for swimming and boating. Then, visitors and travelers may find the Cape Rachardo interesting too. It is a lighthouse that was built by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century. A museum called the Muzium Tentera Darat is also another tourist attraction. Several old vehicles and aircrafts of the Royal Malaysian Army are displayed here. Other famous attractions are Fort Lukut and Fort Kempas.

There is also a very colorful night market in Port Dickson. During Saturday evenings, fresh vegetables, fruits, and fishes are sold here. Other items such as shirts and shoes are sold here, as well. And for visitors who crave for a taste of the local menu, hot and spicy foods are ubiquitously. Cili padi and fish in really thick coconut milk gravy will certainly satisfy their cravings. They can also order lemang, which is sticky rice boiled inside a bamboo, and rendang, which is cooked beef and coconut milk. Additionally, there are several trendy restaurants that visitors will like. Seaview and Curry House are alongside Jalan Pantai. Restaurant SN Mohhamad is another popular restaurant here in Port Dickson. And the nasi lemak is a certified must-try in Wak Rahman. Homemade putu mayam from the Bismi Putu Mayam is another local delicacy that must be tried, as well.

And for those who want western foods, El Cactus is just the place to go. It serves excellent Mexican cuisine. Nachos, fajitas, burritos, and quesadillas are its best-sellers. It also serves pasta, pizza, and frozen margaritas. Moreover, there are also many resort hotels, bungalows, and villas that accommodate tourists. Laguna Condo Resort, Corus Paradise, and Felda Residence are a few examples.

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