Pudong Skyline

Pudong Skyline 400
Pudong Skyline
Photo by: pamhule, Creative Commons

Like the Eiffel Tower, the Oriental Pearl Tower allows a visitor a breathtaking view of the Pudong skyline. Aside from the Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao Building also completes the eye pleasing character of the place.

Pudong means “East of Huangpu” which describes the literal location of the city. It is framed by the East China Sea to the East and the Huangpu River in the west. Pudong is a large district and is known to have a thriving economy.

The Chinese are proud of the Oriental Tower. After all, this building is the tallest in Asia and the 3rd place tallest tower worldwide. The Jin Mao Building is the home of a 5-star hotel boasting 555 rooms with sceneries that take you higher than the ground level. The Shanghai Hotel claims to be the highest hotel worldwide. It boasts of having the world’s longest laundry tube, the highest swimming pool, and has the highest night club (incidentally called “Cloud 9”).

The Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park is a one-stop location for technology buffs that are looking for the latest Chinese manufactured gadgets. It houses 110 R&D technology institutions and 327 diverse companies.

The Pudong skyline is great to be observed at night when the evening back drop of the surrounding Huangpu River is contrasted by the city lights. The night life teems with activity with different establishments open 24/7. The night life provides experiences equaled only by Las Vegas and New York.

The Pudong skyline is a testament that the new China has many modern accommodations for a visitor to go to.

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