Puerto Cortes

Puerto Cortes – seafood right by the shore.
Photo by: madmack66, Creative Commons

Puerto Cortes is an awe-inspiring tourist destination in Honduras. The city for the residents is what the French Riviera is to the Parisians, and what Long Island is to the people of New York. Despite the presence of many fine beaches in many places in Honduras, many of the locals from different cities flock to Puerto Cortes for fun and unforgettable weekend getaways and a chance to relax and bask under the sun on the city beach. Puerto Cortes is situated on the Atlantic coast and is nearest to the city of San Pedro Sula. Like La Ceiba city, Puerto Cortes is also a busy port in the Caribbean. It is in the heart of the Garufina country, and it holds unique and vibrant Honduran events and festivals such as that held in Baja Mar.

Many hotels in Puerto Cortes provide great accommodations and access to the lovely beach. The Hotel Playa is said to have the best beach. Mr. Geers Hotel and El Centro are also good hotels. These residencies are more or less easy to find and get reservations for except during the holy week, known as Semana Santa, another Honduran holiday celebrated by all its cities. The Caribbean Cliffs Marine Club is another very lucrative hotel in the Puerto Cortes.

The city also boasts of a very fun and sexy nightlife, especially on the Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun. It’s an all inclusive adult’s only resort that is located Cancun’s tropical paradise. It provides world-class spa, exquisite suites, numerous gourmet restaurants and a very unique ambiance. It’s perfect for adults who want extra romance and privacy.

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