Rabat, Morocco
Photo by: djrue , Creative Commons

While visiting Morocco, you should stop by Rabat, the country’s coastal capital. Rabat, Morocco also offers many tourist locations, most of them historical.

This place has a 700-year-old history that is a mixture of both modern and traditional Moroccan culture. One of the main attractions of Rabat, Morocco is Kasbah des Oudaias. This is an old castle and is a great place to visit. You can buy souvenirs, explore the museums, and eat at cafes where you can relax after a long day of walking and taking pictures.

You should also check out the Medina of Rabat. Medina means city, and in Medina, you can buy all sorts of stuff that you can bring home with you. From dried fruits to leather goods to pottery—you name it, the Medina of Rabat has it. Leather is one of the most popular products in Medina. You can buy leather jackets here at very cheap prices.

If you want to visit historical ruins, you should go see Chellah. This place is not so crowded compared to the other places in Rabat, Morocco. You will learn much about the history of the place just by visiting Chellah. One thing that gives it a unique atmosphere is the storks that nest on the ruins.

Hassan Tower is another place that you should not miss in Rabat. You will see two hundred columns that surround an unfinished minaret. This is one of the most famous monuments in Rabat. If you still have time, you should go inside the mosque to see its beautiful interior. The view is very beautiful especially if you go there at night.

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