Ras Mohammad National Park

Shark and Yolanda Reef creature 400
Scorpion Fish – Ras Mohammad Shark & Yolanda Reef
Photo by: BBM Explorer, Creative Commons

Ras Mohammed National Park is stunning in all sense: a dramatic arid peninsula located at the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula, with vibrant coral reefs you will never expect to find. Located 30 kilometers south of Sharm El Sheikh, it is Egypt’s first and best-kept national park. The area got its name because the cliff is said to have some semblance of the features of the great Prophet Mohammed, who was said to have visited the peninsula in the 7th century.

Ras Mohammed National Park is one of the reasons why visitors visit the Sinai Peninsula—it is an excellent place for diving and snorkeling. Underwater, you will find broad and terraced coral reefs, brilliant sea fans, and a wide array of fish.

They have more than one thousand marine species. The best dive spot in Ras Mohammed National Park is the Shark & Yolanda Reef, where you can see almost every marine species in the Red Sea. Watch out for the rare scorpion fish, which can only be seen in this area, and also the wreck of Yolanda. Divers are also enthralled by the beauty of Anemone city, a so-called ‘bustling underwater metropolis’ with highways & byways of hard and soft corals. Prolific residents here are the anemone fish, along with other different species you can see in anemone’s harbor and reefs.

Diving in Ras Mohammad is mainly through a boat on a day trip, which you can book through the resort that you will be staying at. Try the Sharm El Sheikh Resorts if you are interested in diving. The warmest waters are in the months of June to August, while the coolest waters are January to February.

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