Red Castle Museum

Panoramic View of Medina 400
Panoramic View of Medina, site of Red Castle Museum
Photo by: riverac, Creative Commons

The Red Castle Museum is located in the Medina District. It is an archaeological museum and also Libya’s national museum. In addition the Red Castle Museum is one of the world’s richest and important museums.

The Red Castle Museum was founded in the year 1919 where the Italians had converted a major part of the Red Castle into a museum. During this period the museum featured the collection of artifacts, jewelry and pottery.

At the time of the Second World War, Libya was captured by the British and the museum was considered as “The Libyan Museum” of the time. In 1988 the museum was reopened and renamed as “Red Castle Museum”.

The museum is one of the major tourist spots in Libya, it houses the collection of jewelry, artifacts and pottery belonging to the Roman period and a number of weapons belonging to the World War II. The museum is opens on all the days, but closed on national holidays. The museum is open from 10am-6pm.

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  1. Anton says:


    Do you know how much the museum cost?
    Is it a good museum?

  2. Bianca A says:

    The museum costs about 10 us dollars to enter.

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