Redwoods National Forest

Redwood 400
Redwoods National Park
Photo by: Zest-pk, Creative Commons

Visitors have a misconception that a trip to California should solely be dedicated to visiting any place associated with the film industry. What visitors forget is that no trip to California is complete without visiting the northern coast of it. There you will find one of the most massive tree species in the planet. These trees along with indigenous flora and fauna thrive in the Redwood National Park.

131,983 acres of cultural resources and pristine coastline is the best destination for those who want to experience nature in all its glory. The redwood forest grows trees that are documented to be almost 2,000 years old. Just imagine having the bragging right of touching the oldest living organism on earth.

The Redwood National Park’s ecosystem is able to preserve numerous rare animal species. A day trip in the park beats going to the zoo with the probability of coming face to face with over 40 species of mammals and 400 bird species. Add to that the adventure of experiencing their habitat and appreciating the wonder of life all around you.

If you want to stay over night, there are assigned camping sites where you can commune with nature for a longer period of time. An over night family excursion promotes bond that can never be replicated in any other way. If you’re worried about safety, rest assured that there are more than a hundred employees to help you make your stay memorable and safe.

The Redwood National Park is the place to visit if you want to wonder at nature’s abundant blessings. It is an ancient forest that harbours all life forms. It gives communing with nature a whole new meaning as you get to enjoy modern amenities while being isolated from all that defines modern technology. A trip to California is never complete without going down north to this park.

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