Revillagigedo Island

Revillagigedo Island from above
Photo by: geefour907, Creative Commons

The 166th largest island in the world and the 12th largest in the United States is Revillagigedo Island. It has an area of 1,063.65 square miles and lies in the Alexander Archipelago in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. The island is separated from mainland Alaska to the east by the Behm Canal and the Clarence Straight separates it from the Prince of Whales Island to the west. The Revillagigedo Channel separates the island from Annette Island, to the south.

Russian and British explorers explored the island but the island was named by 18th century Spanish explorers in 1973 for the Viceroy of Mexico, Juan Vicente Guemes Pacheco de Padilla, Count of Revilla Gigedo.

The Island does not have a large population and the only two cities are Ketchikan and Saxman. Residents of the island make a living out of tourism, logging, fishing and canning. There are also several logging communities that move around on barges. These barges are better known as the unconnected system of logging roads.

Visitors to Revillagigedo will surely want to take a trip along the Behm Canal. The trip along the Behm Canal is not something that you would want to miss, but you will need to be sure that you can spend a few weeks to fully appreciate the experience. The main trip can be as long as 150 miles and there are side trips that can add as much as 100 miles to this.

Taking the trip along the canal will give you access to the beautiful scenery and a view of the land and marine wildlife that can be found along the way. Wilderness camping, berry picking and a view of the Misty Fjords are some of the highlights of the trip. For a full adventure, be sure to explore at least some of the inlets and bays found along the canal.

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  1. Jeremy Bernsdorff says:

    Just wanted to let you know there’s an obvious typo. “named by 18th century Spanish explorers in 1973 for the Viceroy”. I believe was in the 20th century. Do you mean 1793?

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