Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry 400
Ring of Kerry
Photo by: Simone 13, Creative Commons

A visit to Ireland would be incomplete without seeing the Ring of Kerry. Known as the Iveragh Peninsula, this place has never failed to attract visitors with its incomparable natural beauty. People who love fresh air and outdoor activities that come to this peaceful site will love this place, it is the perfect location where one can relax, unwind and enjoy sports like golf and cycling. Take a walk down a path known as The Kerry Way, known for its scenic routes. Meanwhile those who love to ride bikes may take the quieter roads on the Ring of Kerry cycling path.

The Ring of Kerry is a great place to take the family for fishing and water sports. A wonderful freshwater fishing experience might land you your very own salmon or trout for lunch. At sea, you can get cod, flounder, mullet, mackerel and tuna.

Yet the holiday might just not be complete without a trip to the beach, don’t you think? If you’re the kind who loves the beach, then the Ring of Kerry is the place. You’ll see some of the finest beaches in Europe here and it has all the facilities to make your experience worthwhile. Food, accommodation, equipment – you name it.

Aside from being one of the best holiday getaways, the Ring of Kerry is a historical site that offers you the best of Irish heritage dating back to the ancient times. Take some time off to see the Iron Age Forts, Ogham Stones and Old Monasteries. You will be captivated by their mysterious appearance and you’ll wonder how these giants are so wonderfully created and preserved. There interesting landscape carved out of rock by. On your visit, be sure that you find a good spot to commemorate your visit with a picture.

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