Road Town

View of Road Town
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Road Town is the capital city of the British Virgin Islands. About three quarters of the Islands’ residents live in Road Town. Do not be fooled by the capital’s tropical, idyllic scene. Road Town is an international city and it is buzzing not just with marine and island activities but also with business and commercial activities. You will see buildings that surround the harbor that stretch as far back into the island as the land will allow them.

If you happen to be in Road Town, British Virgin Islands, you should take a tour with Patouche Charters. The tours they provide are private and intimate, perfect for people who are travelling with their partners or loved ones. You should also not miss the White Squall II, especially if you want to go snorkeling.

The areas that you should not miss in Road Town, British Virgin Islands are the ferry dock, Main Street area, and Wickham’s Cay. The ferry dock is an important portal in Road Town. You will see ferries and boats and busy people going about their businesses. You will be amazed by the contrast between the idyllic settings against the busy activities.

The Main Street has different shops where you can buy souvenirs for your friends or as a token of your memorable Caribbean trip. Wickham’s Cay, on the other hand, is filled with activities for the local people and the tourists. You can dine and shop in the different shops and establishments that line the area. This is also where you can make hotel reservations.

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