Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort 400
Rohtas Fort
Photo by: jhelumi, Creative Commons

When it comes to historical structures, Pakistan is one place that is abound with them. The country is home to some of the most important and impressive historical sites anywhere in the world. Most of these historical monuments have caught the fancy of many travelers from all corners of the globe. Some of them have earned recognition from international cultural organizations. Among these attractions is the Rohtas Fort. Rohtas Fort has earned the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thousands of tourists from Pakistan and beyond its borders have been impressed by the structure’s rich heritage.

Rohtas Fort, known in Urdu as Qila Rohtas, is located about 109 kilometers from the nearest city of Rawalpindi. It was built by Sher Shah Suri in 1541 to fortify his territory after being defeated by Humayun. Centuries of invaders, weather disturbances, and wear and tear have not deterred the imposing nature of the fort. The architecture of the fort is a beautiful example of the mix of Hindu, Pukhtun, and Muslim military styles.

The wall of Rohtas Fort stretches for at least four kilometers and has twelve gates in it. A number of the twelve gates are still in good condition, though some are in need of repair and maintenance. The 69 bastions in the fort serve to strengthen the fort’s walls, as well as give the structure elegance and sophistication. The fort, aside from protecting the area from invaders, used to house a number of families. Nowadays, only tourists come to marvel at the spectacle of the fort.

Tours to Rohtas Fort originate from either Islamabad or Rawalpindi. The main highway can be used to go to Rohtas Fort, and from the highway, one has to turn right to Deena, which is a railway station and a bus stop. Buses and trains can be taken from Deena straight to Rohtas Fort. An ideal time to visit the fort would be during the summer.

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