Downtown Area of Rustavi, Georgia
Photo by: wiki, Creative Commons

Rustavi, Georgia is a city that is situated 16 miles southeast of Georgia. Rustavi was known before as Bostan-Kalaki. A city that was first founded in 1948, Rustavi took its name from a nearby ancient town that was destroyed by the Tamerlane Mongol leader. Since then, it became the central for industrial products for the Transcaucasus region. Rustavi is also considered as one of Georgia’s ancient cities that play a vital role in history. The main industrial activity of this city is in iron smelting which first emerged in 1941. This ancient town is also rich in culture and colorful traditions. Until now, Rustavi still performs high quality national and diverse cultural dances. Showing a display of excellent costumes, well elaborate choreography and skilled performers, this traditional dance displays both vivacity and superb colors which really brings out the beauty of their dancers.

Rustavi was actually rebuilt as a major industrial city during the times of the Soviet Union. Its development was part of Stalin’s progressive industrialization campaign that included ironworks, chemical plants and steel factories. Today only three iron plants remain active out of the 118 before.

Rustavi is more famously known internationally for its superb dancing performance and performers. Rustavi’s dance performance includes the following major world venues: Royal Albert Hall, Herodes on the Acropolis, the Olympic Stadium in Olympia Greece, in North Bay Arts in Canada, Frits Philips Eindhoven in Netherlands and many more.

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