Saint Johns National Park

Hawksnest Bay
Photo by: Skellig2008, Creative Commons

During your stay at the U.S. Virgin Islands, you may want to spend some time at St. John’s National Park. This place has a long story and history about how it became what it is at the moment. Such story can be rooted way back in 1956 when Lawrence Rockefeller made a donation of 5000 acres of land to the National Park Service of Saint John. This was done though the Jackson Hole Inc, which is a non-profit organization. On August of the same year, the Virgin Islands National Park was established through a legislation that was passed on the US Congress. Part of this move declared that the Park’s holdings on St. John cannot go beyond 9,485 acres and St. John has the land measurement totaling to 12,500 acres. Through its humble beginnings, the place is now very famous because it has been developed for the enjoyment of both tourists and locals.

The St. John’s National Park, U.S. Virgin Islands is ideal for people who want to explore historical sites. You will really learn a lot from merely looking around. You can also take your time to enjoy its beaches and other trails. You can spend worthwhile time with your families and loved ones while camping, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, swimming, bird watching and a lot more. You may also want to include on your trip certain places such as the Cinnamon Bay, Annaberg Plantation, Truck Bay and the ruins of the Cinnamon Bay Plantation. You will surely find lots of activities that all your companions will love to make this trip a truly memorable experience.

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